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Year in review and etc.

Fall term marks were released this afternoon, reaffirming my status as a completely average student of law. There was some concern about this: The Income Tax exam was so grueling I had exam-hangover the day following, which was when I had to write Trusts. But the magic of the B-curve prevailed in both cases, and so for another term I can rest assured that I suck at law school no more significantly than my peers.

Consequently, I am taking the evening off from the hated law of mining to address some other pressing concerns. Like uploading vacation photos to Facebook, and continuing my once-a-month LiveJournal revival party.



2010 may be considered broadly as a play in three acts: The end of first year, summer at the office, and the beginning of second year. In a pinch, these acts can be compressed into one for convenience! But it is just me working all the time.

That is not entirely fair. There was a period of about 6 or 7 weeks in the beginning of second year when I wasn't working all that much. It's possible I may even have become bored for a day or two. However, in retrospect, this is time that I probably should have spent working, to avoid having to work quite so much as I did in the weeks that followed.

I also did, occasionally, find some time to do some things. Remember that time that Brian and Meghan got married? I was there for that! And there was that... that vacation I took to Salce's place at new years! I did actually think there was more than this, but neither LJ nor Facebook photo records bear out this assumption. I recall I did organize an excellent weekend adventure at the cottage in July, but that may actually be the sum total of my expanded leisure activities last year (unless, perhaps, you count the time I took to illustrate analytic defences of unpopular positions). This comes as a surprise to me since I am still used to thinking of myself as rather lazy.

But ceaseless toil is what your law school years are for, as far as I'm aware. 2010 was certainly not wasted in that respect, and I did manage to enjoy it more than intermittently. This is good because the forecast for 2011 is really just more of the same. Except without the accumulated credit card points to blow on year-end airfare.



New years vacation was so awesome and I cannot thank Salce and Belinda enough for putting up with me (and the other folks crowding the house) for a week. Someday I'll return the favour.

And three cheers to Geoff again for the orchestration of surprise new year's Utahraptor neckties! My wardrobe was enhanced tremendously.
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