Jimmyen. (jimmyen) wrote,

Strange Days

So yesterday was pretty weird. I remember I looked at the sky as I went into the office (we were expecting severe thunderstorms) and thought "today is going to be a weird day." And then it was.

  1. There was an Earthquake. That would be intense on its own, but it's not like that was the only headline yesterday.

  2. Canada's intelligence agency announces "numerous" British Columbia municipal public officials under foreign influence. Also, two unnamed cabinet ministers in different provinces. Federal involvement specifically (suspiciously) denied.

  3. CSIS backtracks from previous announcement. Professes contradictions instead: "this sort of thing is commomplace." / "we don't have the kind of evidence required for a formal charge.

  4. CSIS made any announcement whatsoever.

  5. Longest tennis match in history. Played all day yesterday without a conclusion.

  6. Obama replaces top General in Afghanistan. Appoints Petraeus instead, who you might remember as Bush's go-to General from the Surge-days.

  7. Australia elects first female Prime Minister.

etc. I think I've forgotten some of the things I intended to include when I originally conceived of this post.

I suppose it's possible to aggregate a bunch of headlines on any day and say "well that was pretty weird, wasn't it?" But come on. That was pretty weird! The weirdness is magnified by the simultaneity. It's not weird to have a few weird things happen on a given day, but it is weird for a lot of weird things to happen at once.
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