Jimmyen. (jimmyen) wrote,

Lunar cycle livejournal update

This is how busy I have been: I have until now failed to find time to write anything about how busy I have been. I made a start or three or four but the time I had was never sufficient to describe my activities. Today is not actually any less busy than normal--more busy, if anything--but I am going to circumvent the problem by not attempting a description of the things that keep me so busy. This turns out to be win-win because any such description would be very boring for you, the reader. Because I work in a law office and my hobbies include bowling.

My metamorphosis into a Busy Guy strikes me as something of a surprise. In high school, and for a ridiculously long time afterward, I consciously organized my affairs so as to maximize the amount of time that went unclaimed. It's not clear to me in hindsight why I did it that way, but the upshot was that I came to think of myself as rather lazy. Hence my fresh sense of shock when I find that, in addition to working full time, my evenings and weekends are often committed long before they arrive.

What unclaimed time remains has been divided between clearing out my backlog of season finales and playing DotA bots so as not to embarrass myself utterly on Dick Falcon nights. An amusing tale: After three losses as the Pit Lord I realized the problem is probably less that I am doing it wrong and more that allied AI will consistently fail to do sensible things like wait for the enemy on a field of corpses I can explode, or attack when I've stunned them on such a field. The moral is that bot games are good for learning two things: A rough idea of how to proceed with a build, and what characters to never ever let the computer play.
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