Jimmyen. (jimmyen) wrote,

Possible hardware security issue?

So I went home for the Easter weekend, and when I returned to Real LondonTM I discovered that my TP-Link WR642G router had ceased to broadcast my wireless network.  I could also no longer log onto the router through the web interface (neither my user nor the default admin password would work).

The router was still working.  My desktop connects via cat-5 and that was still working normally, but the hardware had basically gone rogue.  Rebooting it did not solve the problem.  I reset it to the factory defaults and everything is back to normal now.

Notably, a wireless network that I could see broadcasting before I reset it now seems to be gone.

The likelihood that this was caused by some freak circumstance while I was gone seems too low to consider.  However the likelihood that someone sat outside my house and spent the time brute-forcing their way through both the wireless network WEP and my administrator username and password--for no other purpose than to hijack my access point on a frolic--strains credulity only slightly less.  Fing didn't show anything except my desktop connected to the network before I reset the router.

Should I be concerned?

Update (April 8, 2010): Turns out the landlord's family had reset the router while they were here over the Easter weekend to get the landlord on email.
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